Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips

There are lots of small changed you can make to help keep the cost of your utility bills down. Simple things, such as drying washing on the line whenever possible intead of using a tumble dryer, switchin off lights when you leave a room, or showering instead of having a bath. This can all add up to cut costs and save money. 

Find Out How Much Energy You Use!

Even when you recieve your electircity bill it can be quite difficult to work out how much energy you have used. Some electricity providers will have 'energy saving tarriffs' which provide energy meters to show how much electricity you are using at any time, and how much this will cost you. When you switch your kettle on or turn off the tumble dryer you will be able to see your electricity use change, and can get a good idea of how your lighting, appliances and other electrical items affect your bill. This can help you change how you use certain items in order to reduce your bills.

Take Small Steps

There are lots of very simple steps you can take to reduce you energy use at home - For ideas visit the Energy Saving Trust or Energy Saving Advice websites. The Vale of Glamorgan Website also provides advice on changes you can make to your property to help save money.