Having Building Work Done

Having Building Work Done

When having building work done to a property you will need to consider a number of things such as:

  • Your Budget

  • Your Home and Contents Insurance

  • Legal Restrictions

  • Who will be doing the work


Make sure you work out a accurate budget before you start refurbishing an empty home. The Empty Homes Agency suggests budgeting for a contingency sum of at least 10%, and if the property is very dilapidated, near £25%.


The Building work may affect your home and Contents insurance - contact your own insurance company.

Legal Restrictions

It's great to have imaginative plans for redeveloping an empty property, but if they won't get planning approval or building-control consent, you need to rethink. Talk to the Authority sooner rather than later so you don't waste time and money.

Choosing your builder

Building work can be expensive and stressful so it is important you choose the right builder to work for you. It is not only the dishonest 'cowboys' you want to avoid, some very honest and genuin tradesman are just not up to the job.

There are a number of websited you can visit for advice on choosing your builder: